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Photo Tips for Parents during lockdown

      Many of us find ourselves at home now with the kids a lot more than we’re used to. Today I’m sharing my best tips for you to take better photos of your favourite little people using your smartphone (as often when you’re in the middle of having[…] Read More →

Do you really need a Pre Wedding Shoot?

  I want every single one of my wedding clients to have a pre wedding shoot, especially if you are camera shy! It’s a fantastic way for me to get to know you both and for you to have some quality time together before your wedding day. You’re guaranteed to[…] Read More →

The Secret to a Spontaneous Family Portrait

  Here’s how to get your kids and the whole family to relax in front of the camera for your next family photo shoot… these tips might be the opposite of what you expect!     When most mums and dads book a family portrait shoot they have a specific[…] Read More →

My best tips for great Pet Portraits

  Here are my very best tips for taking amazing portraits of your pets. It can be really tricky to get beautiful photos of them if they won’t sit still. So how do I do it?   Picture this… you’re sitting there chilling out with your beloved pet and they’re[…] Read More →

Beginners Photography Course

  Got a new DSLR camera and don’t know how to use it? Does any of this sound familiar? So you’ve been to the store and you’ve got a DSLR but you’ve never set it to manual. If you’ve always wondered what all of those settings means then this is[…] Read More →

How to set up your own Baby Photo Shoot

  Here’s how I get those newborn photos that my clients love so much. You don’t need to go and buy expensive backdrops, accessories or lights. Do make sure that you keep baby safe and comfortable if you’re using props! It’s still worth a watch even if you’ve booked a[…] Read More →

Paul Wilkinson Workshop

        It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of photography purely for my own enjoyment and so I jumped at the chance to spend a few hours at the Capture Birmingham Workshop run by Paul Wilkinson. Those of us who attended were all thoroughly spoiled[…] Read More →

What is a pre wedding photo shoot?

    Couples are already engaged by the time they book me for their wedding photography so there’s really no point in having an engagement shoot. What I offer is a pre wedding shoot and here’s why I think you absolutely should have one… It’s a very relaxed photo shoot[…] Read More →