Charity Fashion Show | St Michaels Manor, St Albans




Once again this event was a huge success and a fantastic night out for the many ladies who attended. It is always a privilege to photograph the DEMAND Charity Fashion Show as I know from personal experience what a difference they make to the lives of those who need their help. If you still don’t know what they do then please do click here and find out!!! If you would like to volunteer or even host your own event for DEMAND then please do contact Denise Gillies.

The show took place at St Michaels Manor in St Albans and if you have not yet experienced this exquisitely elegant venue then you are definitely missing out.

The lovely models (Debbie Diggle, councillor Annie Brewster, Sarah-Helen Harris and Lisa Bates) all did a brilliant job. Remember that none of these ladies are professional models, and not only volunteered their time, but also had no idea what they were going to wear until a few minutes before they had to hit the catwalk. I don’t know about you but I would find that really intimidating! Elaine and the team from Traveling Trends ensured that everything ran smoothly and of course provided loads of merchandise for everyone to shop to their hearts’ content. Wendy from Wendy Warren Jewellery was on hand to advise on glamorous accessories to compliment all the clothing. Hair and make-up for Debbie, Lisa and Annie was done by Vieri Wickes and for Sarah-Helen was done by herself.


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