Diesel and friends | Chipperfield Common

I had the pleasure of photographing Diesel and his sidekicks recently on a fantastic outing in the forest. I thought we were going for a leisurely walk but it turns out I should have packed my running shoes 🙂 He had us all exploring with him and if you can keep up he is one of the most well behaved canines I have ever met. I’m really excited to be photographing his human mom and dad’s wedding later this year and I’m sure he will be the star guest!


Diesel.001 Diesel.002 Diesel.003 Diesel.004 Diesel.005 Diesel.012 Diesel.013 Diesel.014 Diesel.015 Diesel.016 Diesel.029 Diesel.030 Diesel.031 Diesel.032 Diesel.033 Diesel.036 Diesel.039 Diesel.046 Diesel.048 Diesel.052 Diesel.053 Diesel.054 Diesel.055 Diesel.057 Diesel.058

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