Portrait sessions take place at your home, favourite outdoor location or in my studio. I love to work in Gadebridge Park, Whippendell Wood, Verulamium Park, Rothamsted Park and Ashridge but I’m very happy to go elsewhere if you have somewhere special in mind.

I offer both one off shoots as well as annual packages. If you’re after excellent value for money and love to have photos all year round, then the annual packages may be just the thing for you!



At the end of the session we arrange a time for me to come and show you your images. During the viewing you can choose from wall art, desk art, collections or prints. My range of products is truly stunning and I only ever sell those I’d be proud to display in my own home!

During your initial viewing session pricing in the middle column is available. After that images are archived and any subsequent orders will be priced according to the RRP column on the right.




As you’ll have gathered by now, I love being in the memory preserving business, creating images with imagination, that will let you look back and remember with absolute clarity, just how you felt at that particular moment. However, I do know the one thing we’re all short of is time, time to plan, time to decide what you want and time to organise, so I’ve put together some pre-planned packages to take a weight off your mind.



Annual Package Payment Details:

  • Each of the photographic packages is valid for one calendar year from point of purchase.
  • A discount is available for fee paid in advance (discounted value shown above).
  • Fee may be paid monthly by direct debit.
  • Photo shoot locations must be within 10 miles of Hemel Hempstead.



We don’t want any prints… can we only have the digital images and pay less?

No, and here’s why… digital images are convenient for sharing with family and friends but beautiful prints displayed in your home will be enjoyed every single day! I know that you can have your own prints printed in high street stores for less, but there is an enormous difference in quality. For that reason I include high quality professional prints at cost price in the packages because I want you to have only the best.

My baby has developed a rash on their face / my child has fallen down and bruised themself / I’ve broken out in spots… should we postpone the shoot or can you Photoshop it?

Of course I can. Part of the process includes image enhancement which means that scratches, bruises, spots, blemishes and pimples are all removed on photos that get ordered. Any permanent features such as wrinkles, birth marks and moles will be left in unless you request otherwise.

What should we wear?

The most important thing is to make sure that everyone is comfortable in what they are wearing… if you are not, it will most definitely show. It’s very tempting to dress children up in super cute outfits but please check that they can still move freely and that it’s the correct size. Avoid any big bold patterns and prints as they can be a bit distracting. It works very well to limit all outfits to variations of up to three different colours. If you have something in mind I’m always happy to take a look (send me a pic via email or Whatsapp) and I’ll be able to advise if it’s a good choice.

When will our photos be ready to view?

Please allow up to two weeks for your images to be ready. If I can have them ready sooner than that I will, because I can’t wait for you to see them!

Why do we have to wait so long… surely it doesn’t take two weeks to sort through a few photos?

As I shoot weddings, portrait shoots, school photos and commercial work on consecutive days it often means an enormous backlog of editing instantly. Some shoots require more work than others and they get edited in the order that they are shot, so no queue jumping allowed!

What is the turnaround time for orders placed?

Please allow up to two weeks for your finished products. I use an excellent professional printing company and their turnaround time varies from 2 to 10 days, depending on the chosen item. Throw in a few extra days for uploading orders collectively, delivery from them to me, quality control checks, and for me to then deliver it to you.

How long do you keep our photos for?

The fab people over at Shootproof have made sure that I can display up to 50,000 photos in my online galleries. Once that limit is reached, the oldest galleries will be removed as needed to make way for new work. Until then, keep sharing your images with family and friends.

*Why is the pricing different for portrait shoots and celebration shoots, and why are the digital images included in the price for celebrations? 

Celebration shoots (such as birthday parties, christenings and wedding anniversaries) mean more of a documentary / reportage style. I will be armed and ready with my camera to catch those super moments but the number of photos you get will depend largely on what happens on the day. Also, although lovely, the portraits taken will be of more of a candid style in between whatever else is going on.

Portrait shoots (newborns, families, children, pets) require more direction and lighting control to create fine art style images.



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