The Secret to a Spontaneous Family Portrait


Here’s how to get your kids and the whole family to relax in front of the camera for your next family photo shoot… these tips might be the opposite of what you expect!



When most mums and dads book a family portrait shoot they have a specific style in mind. I think you know the one I mean… those beautiful, spontaneous, fun images where the whole family looks amazing!

So even though the results might look spontaneous you actually have to do something quite counter-intuitive to get them.

So here are some tips to help make that happen:

Keep it a secret from the kids. You might think that you need to prepare the kids (possibly even bribe them) but you really really don’t! Leave it up to your photographer to create the kind of environment where they won’t even know that they’re having their photo taken. When you do this be sure to tell your photographer. Most of them would be absolutely thrilled at the idea but they do need a heads up first.

Allow plenty of time to get ready and dressed before the shoot. If the kids are questioning why they’re getting all dressed up, tell them you’re going on an amazing day out with the family. You might be tempted to have them looking incredibly smart but it’s really more important for them to be comfortable. If in doubt keep it really simple and limit the whole group to two or three colours. For the really little ones bring some spare clothes just in case.

So leave it to your photographer to get the kids to smile at the right moments and all you need to do is have fun yourself.

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