What equipment do you use?

I shoot with full frame Nikon D700 cameras and a selection of Nikon FX prime lenses. For those times when a little extra light is needed I make sure that I have at least two speedlights, light modifiers and light stands. I buy new memory cards at the start of each wedding season to prevent any images being lost.

When will our photos be ready?

Your digital images will be ready within one calendar month of your wedding. Once you have selected your favourites for the wedding album, please allow another month for album design, and one more for you to approve it, and for it to be produced, quality checked and delivered to you.

Do you work alone?

Up until 2015 I shot all of my weddings alone. During my pregnancy that year I took a 2nd photographer along as a backup and quite enjoyed having another perspective, so now it has become standard practice for any full day wedding packages.

What is editing and why can’t we have the RAW files?

Back in the days of film photography you would hand in your film and later receive a set of good prints. What you might not know is that before they were printed your photos would first go through colour correction and have the contrast and exposure increased / decreased. Now that we use digital cameras it is up to your photographer to do this themselves. So photo editing means that we firstly delete any bloopers (because you really don’t want to see those when you’re viewing hundreds of images already) and then enhancing the rest. RAW files are unfinished so asking for them is like buying a half done painting from an artist.

We’re already engaged… Can we skip the pre wedding shoot and have some discount off the package price?

I actually don’t charge for the pre wedding shoot so unfortunately if you choose not to use it, it does not mean a discount. I add it into the full day packages because it makes a world of difference to how much couples trust me to perform on their wedding day, and that makes my job a whole lot easier.

Do we have to decide upfront if we would like an album?

Of course not! You are welcome to wait until you have seen your finished images before deciding on any printed items. Once you have chosen your favourites, we can meet up again to chat through the many different album options.



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