How to set up your own Baby Photo Shoot


Here’s how I get those newborn photos that my clients love so much.

You don’t need to go and buy expensive backdrops, accessories or lights.

Do make sure that you keep baby safe and comfortable if you’re using props!

It’s still worth a watch even if you’ve booked a shoot with me as there are some things you need to know before we start…



Aren’t newborn babies amazing? They change so quickly! Here are some quick and easy ways for you to set up your own baby shoot at home…

Before you start make sure that the room is heated properly. I find that 24-25°C works very well. it might be too hot for you but it’s perfect for baby because when you’re taking off their clothes they are going to feel the cold.

Make sure that they have had a feed immediately before you start.

For a backdrop, you could use something simple such as a neutral coloured blanket draped over a chair. Make sure that you place it a little bit further back from baby so that it is nice and blurry in your photo.

When I go on a newborn shoot I take my accessory box along which is filled with amazing goodies. The reason I love to use baby wraps is because baby clothes never fit very well. They always cover baby’s faces and their hands get lost. You could probably use something that you have at home but these are super comfy and super stretchy. They are very soft and they can be tucked around baby to get the shape that you want to show off.

Next make sure that you have something really soft and comfortable for baby to lie on. I love to include texture in all my photos but if this is not your style you could use one of your baby blankets. Try and keep it neutral.

If you want to create some interest you can use props but there is a knack to doing safely. Always make sure that baby is supported, that they are comfortable, and that they are not going to slide down or fall out. It’s a great idea to keep baby close until they are fast asleep and then transfer them safely into whichever prop you are using. Keep your hands on them and give them a few minutes to settle.

When I’m doing newborn shoots I like to use natural light only so that we don’t have flashes going off and disturbing the baby. Place them near a large window and if the light is a bit too bright hang a big white sheet in front to soften it.

So have fun with it and if your setup is simple enough you don’t have to do it all in one go. You can grab a few shots here and there as you have time.

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