Do you really need a Pre Wedding Shoot?


I want every single one of my wedding clients to have a pre wedding shoot, especially if you are camera shy!

It’s a fantastic way for me to get to know you both and for you to have some quality time together before your wedding day. You’re guaranteed to have some fun too!

If you don’t get what all the fuss is about or you’re not quite convinced then you absolutely need to watch this…



These are my top 5 reasons why I want every single one of my wedding couples to have a pre-wedding shoot.

I feel so strongly about this that I include a complimentary shoot with each of my full day wedding photography packages.

For most couples this is the last thing that they want to think about (as many are camera shy and don’t enjoy having their photo taken). So other than the obligatory wedding day snaps, they want to avoid being in front of the camera at all costs.

I totally understand that but here is why I absolutely love doing pre-wedding shoots:

It’s a great way for me to spend time with the two of you before the wedding, get to know you both, and experience the dynamic between you. After all as a wedding photographer I’m trying to tell a story and that’s quite hard to do if you don’t know your star characters.

They’re actually a whole lot of fun! You choose your favourite location (perhaps where you met) or somewhere that you enjoy spending quality time together. Then we just take a stroll and see what happens. You’re not feeling all the stress and pressure that might happen on the wedding day and I promise I won’t force any cheesy smiles out of you.

If you already have a family then your kids and even your dog are welcome to join in too as they’re just as important on your wedding day. You’ll end up with stunning portraits to enjoy and they make great gifts too.

Wedding planning can be really stressful, so this way, you get to take a break and just be yourselves for an hour.

All of my couples love their images from their pre-wedding shoot and the difference I see in them afterwards is amazing. It really is a transformation as none of them are even slightly anxious about having their photos taken on the big day. This means that they trust me completely and that makes my job a whole lot easier. It’s a little bit like going for dance lessons to practice for your first dance. On the day its one less thing to worry about!

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